author of the oarsman
Seven Billion And Fulfillment
December 19, 2014

It seems like chaos, but it is not. Over seven billion lives, each striving for the small or large, for survival outwardly or inwardly, hating or liking, longing or gaining, seemingly moving in individual directions. Yet so beautiful to see that everyone is facing the same way, that all seven billion are moving in the same, single direction: the search for fulfillment.

We might not see it and instead choose to call it a new item, relationship, or job. If we just got the next one we’d have it, or if we just got more we’d be there. Those on inner searches may call it by different names: peace, awakening, or surrender. But we are all only ever searching for fulfillment.

In the car on the way back from the grocery store, as colors of metal floated by in the other direction and colors of trees stood still by the roadside, a laughable glimpse again occurred. In the space between some thoughts, in the surrender of feeling separate in a moment, all that is left is fulfillment. There it is, an ocean’s embrace, underneath my feet and all around, all that is.

To see, again and again, that what we so desperately seek in all its forms, in all our crazy or calm energies, in all our false directions, is simply what we already are.

And it is funny and sad to see the insanity of the mind come in and want to run the show. It got shown the most beautiful jewel, the most treasured treasure, that it just has to stop and rest and what is left is what it has sought all its life. Yet it refuses to. It wants to be in control, it wants to be the one to make and solve the problems of this life.

The truth is undeniable, even as the mind plays its games. There can be peace and fulfillment, even as one of the seven billion.