author of the oarsman
From Flame To Sun
February 15, 2016

At first you may see it as a flickering candle in a darkened room. The shadows around may steal your attention, but something about the flame invites you to return to it. You wonder what this flame is and how long it has been there.

You notice that when you stare directly at it, there is only the light, but yet still you look away; something more interesting always rides in on habits to take your attention.

One day you look back to the flame and are surprised that it is now a campfire. Nothing you did brought this on, but how embracing and inviting. How could you look at anything too long before wanting to sit back down by the warmth and forget yourself for a moment.

Thoughts of the forest fade as the crackling and lively dance of flames hold your attention and touch your heart. Soon it grows to a bonfire and you burn entire strands of habit and sorrow on it. Throw on anything you no longer need, watch it consumed, and life glows.

Before long it is the sun. You are no longer a darkened room or an familiar forest with craggy trees. You don’t know what you are, but seek solace in this burning star at your core. It seems to be stealing your attention, and now, no matter how many times you look away from it, when you return, you know you are looking home.

And then, what a blessing to see, that the mind was the only thing calling it a candle, fire or sun. Why make it so big a deal as a star? Only when the mind wants to keep its distance does it make things so grand.

You soon see that it is everywhere, everything. You are not it, but it is you. And the most beautiful, precious gift in the world is to see that it is not a big deal.