author of the oarsman
The Perfect Trifecta
February 19, 2016

It is beautiful to see how all deep teachings are the same.

Like Truth itself, a teaching can be complete, containing everything, yet at the same time be an individual puzzle piece, a compliment to other teachings.

For me, the perfect trifecta of teachings are those of Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Nisargadatta.

Ramana says to enquire, to ask Who am I?

Papaji says to Stop. Stop your searches, stop all movement in this moment.

Nisargadatta says to keep in mind the I Am feeling, merge into it until your mind fully dissolves in it.

Any of these teachings, when explored deeply, is seen as no different than the other. They can also be seen as three perfect wedges of a perfect circle of self-exploration.

In any moment, you can ask yourself Who Am I? and then stop. Do not answer by mind. Do not move. What is left as the answer to the question is the pure feeling of I Am. Do this whenever you doubt who you are.

As you go deeper, natural explorations of the I Am feeling arise. You see that it is not anchored nor bounded. You see that you do not own it, and yet you are it. You see that it is everywhere and everything.

It is beautiful to see that the answer to the question of who you are, is everything.

It is beautiful to see that you were always that and never needed a teaching to get there.