author of the oarsman
What Surrenders
March 1, 2016

What surrenders in this moment? Whether the mind is constricted by tangled thoughts, or you are at the edge of nothing with the final belief I am That, something must surrender.

We can strip the bed of the present moment to see what we discover.

As we remove the comforter we see identity, our belief in ourself as an object in this moment. Surely this is the thing which surrenders. But as we look closer, we see identity is but a thought, and we see waves of thought rising and falling in something pure and deeper.

As we remove blankets, we see a beautiful nothingness everywhere. We feel the entire pain of the world, simultaneously arising with an enveloping Love, surrounding, infusing, and big enough for all. If we merge into this ocean, we see nothing need be done. Every feeling, every doubt, they all surrender, dissolve and fall away, without our effort.

As we remove sheets, all we see is a mattress without position, form or direction, boundless and laughing, welcoming and warm, as we lay to rest deeply as the Universe.

When you are close enough to the question to eclipse the questioner, when you see that everything surrenders on its own every moment, the only answer to the question What surrenders? must be the question itself.