author of the oarsman
March 3, 2016

I went on a beautiful walk yesterday, greeted by rolling angles of vibrant green and distant cliffs with newly white faces.

The trails were wet from weekend showers and layers of sticky mud caked onto my shoes. When I got home I knocked them together for a bit of success. I tried the end of a stick and patio edge to scrap some off.

All efforts helped little, and that clay-rich mud still pestered every winding crevice of my deep-tread shoes. I brought out the hose, then some more bashing and scraping.

Finally I gave up and left the shoes to bake in the sun for a few hours. When I returned the mud was fully dry. I tapped the shoes together a few times and slabs fell away until all was pristine.

What muddy minds we have. Try all you want. Try more. But all that is left to do is return them to the sun and let them bake.