author of the oarsman
Stop Believing In Yourself
April 19, 2016

An overused phrase is Believe in yourself.

But what if you did not?

When I was younger, I never believed in myself or what I could do. Then, I went through phases were I cockily believed I could do anything I desired. Where lies the truth? Have we ever explored this slightly scared corner of our minds, the corner which achingly needs to either give up or build up?

My most creative moments — when I would sit in front of a computer screen and create a video game from scratch, or when I would dive into woodworking and build a structure without plans — came when I had no beliefs whatsoever in myself. I didn’t know if I could do something, but I jumped in and tried, not knowing, blissfully unsure, only willing to blindly leap to the current moment.

What if we didn’t believe in ourselves? Or what, if we needed some belief, we just believed we were absolutely nothing; and what if we explored that nothing and one day saw it was everything.

We would then no longer need the stilts of beliefs to wade through the unknown ponds of life.