author of the oarsman
Avoid Nothing
April 27, 2016




As children, we develop an ability to run from that which scares us. It is a good survival instinct for the outer world. But when it comes to the inner world, the world of our thoughts and emotions, it is not necessary.

It is a beautiful thing to hold fear. Pick it up with your mind’s eye and mind’s hand. Turn it over, inspect it, stare into it’s core. Just as it is a relief to turn on the lights to see that the shadow you were afraid of is not there, it is equally beautiful to see that the fear and pain we habitually run from is nothing.

Thoughts wrapped around emotions can manifest as fear, boredom, aloneness, longing or sadness. But if you look intently at any of these, if you feel them in your body as an entry point, you may see their energy as an alive nothingness. And the more intense the emotions, you may eventually see that they are no different than Love. They arise and fall in a pristine, un-disturbable energy that is boundless.

It no longer makes sense to ask where does this Love arise from and where does it point. It is just Love, radiating effortlessly with no origin, recognizing itself in everything.