author of the oarsman
A Trail Through The Forest
May 4, 2016

To look for I Am, walk through the forest of your mind and feelings, for I Am is the ground that everything in that forest grows in.

Walk past the trees of identity, of your name, your traits, your habits, anything you think you are.

Walk past the gently flowing creeks of spirituality you’ve matured into, thinking this might be closer to what you truly are.

Walk past the muddy marshes of unresolved childhood cries, the knots of thought always tying you in familiar patterns.

Walk past clearings that show beautiful blue skies full of daydreams of future or past, the addictive playthings for your mind.

Finally, stop walking. Look down at what you’ve been walking on all this time and see that it is I Am. See that when you walked by the trees it was there; when you walked past the creeks, marshes and mountains it was there. When you walked past the clearings and boulders it was the only constant, forever under your feet, always supporting your journey.

Or, even more simply, throw out all the poetry of nicely written paragraphs. Throw out the idea that I Am is hard to find.

To go directly to I Am, see that you have to walk no where. See that the silent space between any two thoughts, the space filled with living silence, the space closer than anything you’ve ever chased, is simply I Am. It is that which has never changed in all the years of your life.

And, it is the only right answer to who you are.