author of the oarsman
The Ride
May 7, 2016

Enjoy the roller coaster of Truth.

Relish the slow, building uphills as you dip your toes into different beliefs and practices. Try everything, but check to see if these are giving you true fulfillment. Check they aren’t tricks to keep you glued to time and the belief that answers will come only after the crest.

The first loops of mind-stilling experiences, heart openings, insights, vivid dreams and surrenders are what you’ve always dreamed the path to truth was about.

Or perhaps the coaster you’re on is all too rough for you and you close your eyes and wish for it to be over. Why has it continued so long, for five, twenty or thirty years?

Soon you realize that the ride, no matter how scary or thrilling, only ever brings you back to where you started.

Was it all for naught? Was there a reason to get on this adventure?

Try another go, and see that you never move, you are stillness itself, and it is only the amusement park blurring past you. So, enjoy the dance of Life all around. Participate or not, but nothing touches what you truly are.

Give your heart fully to the world or give it to yourself, they are the same.