author of the oarsman
How Is You
May 14, 2016

Words have no energy of their own. They are merely carriers of the energies birthed in the big bang of intentions.

How can carry the energy to learn a new skill, to mentally break down a goal into the steps you will need to achieve.

But when it comes to your identity, or any habit making up the strong core of that identity, how is a poison and a prison.

Ask how to be freehow to change a core habit, beg the universe or clench your fists in frustration, but nothing will change.

Stare into the core of the question how, and you will see the questioner, the thought bundle which asks. One cannot exist without the other. How is you.

So, to drop identity in a moment, or forever, stop asking how.

When you stop, how fades into now. And now is a truer you, a you which doesn’t need to move or achieve inwardly, a you which is free.