author of the oarsman
Slabs Of Love
June 11, 2016

I’ve started toying with woodworking, and for the challenge of resawing a board to make it thinner I improvised a fence to keep the saw true. With this guidance, the saw glided straight, deepening the rut of the cut over and over again.

The ruts in our mind also deepen with every pass. It often feels difficult to go in a different direction, to step out of habits, whether they are the deep debilitating ones, or the subtle ones of identification with the parts of you you hide in.

Our patterns are so addictive because they are infused with love. Even the parts of your lifestream you fight are marbled with this essence. The hearty hug of a habit, or thought you know is not good for you, is infused with comfort, the safety of a trench, the feeling of home.

But we can catch a glimpse of a purer love, a Love not entwined with the past, without the constrictions of thoughts. It is freeing. It is to see that you can love not only the traited love of your little self, but the purer, unbounded love that is the Universe as you.

You have a choice any moment to love whichever of these slabs of Love you want to; even if only one does not deepen ruts.