author of the oarsman
Rough Draft Finished!
December 11, 2016

This morning I finished the rough draft of The Ant That Found God!

It’s a great feeling to have gotten the story out of my system so quickly. It feels freeing.

For the past month I woke up early and wrote for one hour, in that special place between waking and fully awake, before the mind comes in too strongly to take charge. What poured out were all the scenes and characters that made it into this draft.

I would also plan out the book when ideas came to me, jotting them down on my tablet in the evening or into my phone during my morning hikes. As a result, this book felt a whole lot more effortless than The Oarsman. I didn’t fight with my writing as much, and I let the ideas mostly paint themselves.

While it may not be as epic as The Oarsman, I think its smaller story still has adventures, excitement, and lessons to it, and I look forward to releasing it in a few weeks.