author of the oarsman
Short And Simple Review
December 28, 2016

RT Book Reviews recently reviewed The Oarsman, and gave it four stars. They will publish the review online and in their next magazine when it is available in mid Januaray, 2017. They gave me permission to excerpt the review below.

I’ve sent out the book to about twenty book blogs and review magazines, and it will be interesting to see the reviews come out over the next six months or so.

The Oarsman is a beautifully written book filled with inspirational situations and enlightening metaphors. This uplifting read combines adventure and fantasy, and will empower the reader to look back upon their own life and reflect on choices they’ve made. Beautiful words flow off the pages as a character known as “the Man” is granted understanding of his life’s journey.

SUMMARY: A mysterious Oarsman takes a dying man out on the river of life to revisit integral parts of his past. This eye-opening voyage takes the Man back to different parts of his life where he was a painter, a merchant and a warrior, and the Man begins to see the importance of these roles in his life and how they contributed to his place in the world. (BEYOND YOURSELF PUBLISHING, Nov., 205 pp., $9.95)

– RTBookReviews